MamaSutra Loving Arts is my life work.  I am a yogini and through my practice I have discovered that we need consciousness, comfort, creativity and connection of these elements to live well.  With support and practice these components are within our reach.  As a doula I guide new parents & families to steadiness.  As a yogini I teach Yoga, the practice of connection, as the means to wellness. 

Sokhna Heathyre Mabin


Mother, Artist, BA in Psychology, BS in Education, CYT500, TCTSY-F, CLC, Certified Doula, Certified Herbalist, Perinatal Counselor


Sokhna Heathyre, visionary of MamaSutra Loving Arts, is an elementally embodied woman who has enjoyed life while collecting the components of traditional healing arts.  While touring internationally as a vocalist and facilitating yoga retreats around the U.S., Europe,  West Africa, and the Caribbean,  the world revealed a temple for her dreams.  A practicing yogini since 1992, Sokhna teaches a sensual yoga style of Hatha-embraced Kundalini which she created through her personal practice.  Completing Yoga,  her practice includes the healing modalities of herbalism & flower essences, aroma therapy, cupping, deep listening & intuiting, psychology, and sound/vibrational therapies.  Sokhna bows deeply in continuous reverence to her beloved teachers:  her Beloved Cubs, her Sacred Relationship, Robin Janis, Brooke Meyers (the lineage of BKS Iyengar), Laughing Lotus Yoga School,  Queen Afua & the priestesses of Smai Tawi, Krishna Kaur Khalsa (the lineage of Yogi Bhajan),  DONA/Eat Pray Doula, Ancient Song Doulas, Amy Jo Goddard, Karen Rose, Julia Graves, Myrna & Ken Martin, Melissa Spamer,  Rama Jyoti Vernon, Aditi Devi, Laura Antelmi, Wendelin Scott, Amy Spurlock, and Julie Chase ~ as well as the members of community who guide her in her moral conduct each day. 

Sokhna has been featured in MOTHERING Magazine, Kundalini Awakening Magazine, Paper Magazine, and online in MindBodyGreen.  She has appeared on The Lisa Oz Show, as well as blog~talk radio shows, sharing the connection of sacred sensuality, mantra, herbs and mothering.

A leading edge visionary of sacred fertility and creativity, Sokhna has taught 7 Yoga  Trainings to date and created the "Embodied Anatomy" Workshops with author Sheri Winston.  She leads women through year long Svadhyayas ~ self studies.  She is a co-creator of the online course The 10 Day Womb Cleanse.  Sokhna is also an annual teacher at Wild Woman Fest in New Lebanon, NY , with the healing diaspora journey for women of color ~ Sol Goddess Retreats, and in Bali, Indonesia for Eat Pray Doula.

Currently, Sokhna supports her community through the National agency Healthy Babies Healthy Start in Kalamazoo, MI.  


Sokhna created "Reparations through Self~Mastery" in 2007.  This is an ongoing Master Level thematic Yoga practice designed to heal the ignorance presented as racism.  It is a practice of continuous process that will heal the world, one person at a time.

 ~ Jai Ma ~