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Yoga is the union of body~mind~spirit.  We are the living Trinity.  

HaTha Yoga is a classic art of aligning the anatomical body and the breath in asana and pranayama, yogic breathing.  Asanas, the physical yoga poses, are practiced and connected with our attention and to our breath.  Ha means sun, and Tha means moon.  In this practice we merge the dual relationship of action and consciousness within us and bring balance to our human experience.


In Kundalini Yoga, we practice kriyas ~ combinations of movement, asana, pranayama, and meditation that quickly release our core energy ~ shakti.  I teach  Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 

Prenatal/Perinatal Yoga is the practice of yoga during the perinatal period.   Most asanas and pranayams may be practiced during pregnancy with the guidance of a skilled teacher and with consent of your care provider.  What is good for mama is good for baby.  Yoga during pregnancy strengthens and tones the muscles, calms the mind, and brings energy to the mother.  In prenatal yoga we make room for baby ~ physical room, mental room, spiritual room.

At present I am teaching virtual and in person.

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