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The Plantcestors

As an herbalist I listen deeply to the plants.  I live surrounded by nature now, next to a spring water lake.  But much of my training was done in Brooklyn, NY, where I attuned to the wisdom that we are each the Nature with which we desire to connect.

Herbs are plant elementals that support our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual union of wellness. They supply our food as well as remedies that restore and maintain our balance.  The Plantcestors, as I have affectionately named them, are the tendrils of  connection to Mother Earth.  We take them into our body, we return to the soil when we leave our body, then we become their food ~ only to offer our wisdom in food form to future generations.  It is the Divine Cycle of Life.


The Tantric Tavern is my apothecary in which I prepare herbal remedies:  tisanes, womb steams, tinctures, sacred baths, and more. Contact me for a personal consultation after which I will blend an herbal preparation uniquely for you.  All herbs are organic, wildcrafted and hand selected by me when in abundance. Consultations are in person or virtual.

Tantric Tavern Herbals are made with the moon...



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