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Providing the traditional healing arts of Yoga, herbalism, and sound therapy for general wellness and gentle birth in the Kalamazoo area

The Yoga of Ecstasy Tour ~ Kundalini Yoga with Yogini Sokhna Heathyre Mabin & Sacred Musican Carolyn Koebel 

August 21 at River Pilates in Hudson, NY, 7-9pm

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August 27 at Garden of Healing Yoga & Wellness in New Brunswick, New Jersey, 7-9pm

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Beginning October21 ~ The 13 Moonth Svadhyaya

Essential Oils ~ the portal to healing through the foundation of scent.  doTERRA oils are the most refined you will encounter.  Connect for a consultation.

Essential Oils ~

Kundalini Yoga Classed & Private Sessions in Kalamazoo!  Tantric Tavern Yoga and Herbals.  You may book private sessions for the summer at  Cupping, Sound Therapy, Private Yoga, & Sacred Sharing are on menu of Healing Arts.

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