The 13 Moonth Svadhyaya Self Mastery Program

Svadhyaya means "self study" and is a Niyama, an aspect of the 2nd limb of the ancient science of Yoga.    The 13 Moonth Svadhyaya is a self study for 13 moons ~ one complete lunar year.

A woman is in balance when each aspect of her being is neutral:  her physical body, mentality and intuition.  She is connected and able to navigate stealthily through the areas of her life ~ family, relationship, financial, business, and self~care.

The svadhyaya is a year long supported program of Yoga to help women identify areas within her life that need support, nourishment and purification.  It is a self~determined evolutionary program.  The teachers in this program are highly skilled in their fields and have been chosen to be guides in the Svadhyaya because they are ALIVE:  They have families, relationships, and have mastered themselves from connection to their own lives.

The 'yaya is not a yoga training ~ but we will support one another as each sister steps onto her own path and takes her own life into conscious journeying.  We will practice together, as yoginis.

In the 'yaya we observe our flaws and heal them.  The 'yaya is our mountain cave.  It is not outside of ourselves, but within.  The energy of the Svadhyaya is an energetic fasting from what will fall away during observation.


Investment:  $2100

Payment may be in one payment of $2,100

2 payments of $1,050 or

4 payments of $525

The Svadhyaya is an intensive process ~ be ready for challenges and change.

What you receive:

Monthly Yoga video practices

Monthly live, virtual group gathering 

Emails of support and encouragement

Access to a Private What's App Stream ~ our virtual temple

1 herbal consultation and herbal support (teas, tinctures, baths) for the year + yearly herbal study

3 Womb Steams

Special Topics & Guest Teachers include:

The Art of Yantra Drawing & Nutritional Balancing with Sarah Tomlinson ~

Ancestral Roots Restoration with Robyn Moreno ~

The Tenants of Healthy Relationship of Personal  Finance with April Gariepy ~ IG:  @aprilnicer

Musical accompaniment from master percussionist Carolyn Koebel ~

and other surprises...

The moons of the Svadhyaya are:

February 21, 2021

March 13

April 11

May 11

June 10

July 9

August 8

September 6

October 6

November 4

December 3

January 2022 tba

February 2022 tba

March 2022 tba ~ our Closing Ceremony

Should you not be available for every date, all gatherings will be recorded and made accessible to you.

Go to my Service page to purchase.

Contact me to make payment arrangements ~

*no refunds will be made after January 28, 2021

~ In Oneness Blessed ~


MamaSutra 10 day Womb Cleanse & Revival


Tune in, connect, cleanse, and unite your womb, heart and mind

The womb is the matrix of life.  The womb rests in the basin of our sacred pelvis ~ our earthbody throne.  The womb is the vortex of creativity.  The womb links the body to the moon.  The womb is our sexual center.  The womb is the ruler of prosperity.  

For 10 days we gather together to tune into our wombs and explore the mystery of our sacred center of creation.  We gently hold our wombs, forgive our selves and others, cleanse our minds, and unite to evolve into higher love for all beings and Mother Earth.  

This 10 day gathering is very special.  We meet in a virtual temple ~ a private safe closed group on Facebook.  We will share our sacred stories, support one another's journey, heal together.  We will cry, laugh, connect womb to womb.  We are the womb wide web.  We embody the matrix.

The MamaSutra 10 day Womb Cleanse & Revival  includes:

*3 packs of womb cleansing organic herbs

*daily inspirational emails

*exercises to unite the breasts, heart, & intuition

*sacred confidential sharing 

*access into a private, safe FB page for our group

*spontaneous treasures of connection & healing