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10 day Womb Cleanse | Yoni Steam


Tune in, connect, cleanse, and unite your womb, heart and mind

The womb is the matrix of life and rests in the basin of our sacred pelvis ~ our earthbody throne.  The womb is the vortex of creativity.  The womb links the body to the moon.  The womb is our sexual center.  The womb is the ruler of prosperity.  

For 10 days we gather together to tune into our wombs and explore the mystery of our sacred center of creation.  We gently hold our wombs, forgive our selves and others, cleanse our minds, and unite to evolve into higher love for all beings and Mother Earth.  

This 10 day gathering is very special.  We meet in a virtual temple ~ a private safe closed group in What's App and in scheduled virtual meets. .   You are welcome to share your sacred stories and receive and offer support along this healing journey together.  We will cry, laugh, and dance as we connect womb to womb.  We are the womb wide web.  We embody the matrix.

The 10 day Womb Cleanse |Yoni Steam  includes:

*Instruction with Yantrika Sarah Tomlinson, author of 9 Designs of Inner Peace and the Yantra Deck

*Yantra templates for the coloring meditation

*3 packs of womb cleansing organic herbs (for 3 days of collective herbal steaming)

*herbal teas to support our yantra practice with Sarah Tomlinson

*daily inspirational emails

*yogi practices to invigorate our body~minds

*sacred confidential sharing 

*access into a private, safe What's App stream for our group

*spontaneous treasures of connection & healing

Investment:  $177 through Dec 31, 2022

$223 Jan 1, 2023

*The first 10 registrants will receive 1 complimentary doterra Essential oil 

(NOTE:  Essential oils are contraindicated to vaginal steaming)


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